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We at No Boundaries Adventure Gear believe that all boundaries in life are meant to be challenged, and overcome. Whether it is a physical or psychological boundary, as humans it's in our DNA to strive for success. All of which is made easier by having the correct tools, that’s where we come in. Our goal, while supplying all the necessary tools and knowledge is to help everyone that we meet surpass their boundaries and help expand their imagination of what is possible. When it's time to take on your next adventure, whether an elusive peak, a challenging climb, or to take to the water and have an aquatic adventure, Come See Us! We will help you find the correct apparel, equipment and provide you with the knowledge to help you have a safe fun venture.

We are dedicated outdoors enthusiasts and adventure seekers. We do this because it drives our passion for the outdoors, and getting back in touch with nature. In doing so we get to enjoy the many splendors we are fortunate enough to have at our doorstep in beautiful Port Alberni, Vancouver Island.

We’ve created a relaxed ‘ego free’ atmosphere, where information can be shared on many fronts. Everything from trail maps, up-to-date weather/trail conditions to our in-house computer that will allow the more adventurous and intrepid folks to share their GPS tracks from their trips and possibly other information they may have. We will have regular drop in meet and greets, as well as conducting clinics covering a wide variety of topics including trail hazards, gear repair in the field, as well as safety and trail awareness. All this plus more in a relaxed setting with appys and refreshments. (all this for a nominal drop in fee)

So whether your adventure is:

  • A leisurely scenic ride around town, you can do it with ease and in style with one of our rentable e-bikes/e-scooters or
  • Renting a kayak for you to enjoy the amazing scenery of our majestic lakes and rivers or
  • Testing your boundaries by signing up for one of our Guided Expeditions, Hikes or Group Tours
  • We have also taken into consideration that your adventure may take you more into the woods, if this is your first adventure and/or you are ill-equipped, we have camping gear rentals for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts

If any of these tickles your adventurous side, then No Boundaries Adventure Gear is the store for you.

Come visit us and let us know how we can help fuel your next adventure and remember - this is the one place where being told to “TAKE A HIKE!” is likely to be taken very literally, and is never an insult! (we also love to “GET LOST” from time to time too….)

Hope to see you soon!

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